Gomen nasai! I know I promised to update during Thanksgiving, but I didn't get a chance to do so. Now my winter break is almost over, I finally gave myself enough kicks to do some updates. *sheepish grin* Please forgive me! But anyway, our contest has a winner! Yeah! ^_~ Aren't you eager to know who that is? So here it is. Dun, dun, dun, dun...the winner of "The Best Kissing Scene Contest" is...First Truth by Lilac Summers Yeah! Please say congrats to our winner Lilac Summers!

And here is the result of the contest.

Scene from Beauty Is Only Skin Deep
by Alicia Blade

Scene from A Dance to Remember
by Alicia Blade

Scene from For Argument's Sake
by Isis

Scene from Final Truth
by Lilac Summers

Scene from First Truth
by Lilac Summers

Scene from Interlude
by Sexylyon

Scene from Love Waits For You
by Stormlight

Scene from On Impulse
by Alicia Blade

Scene from Out of the Blue
by Stormlight

Scene from Saying Goodbye to Dorothy Smith
by Alicia Blade

Scene from Sping the Bottle
by Princess Destiny

Scene from Tempest Ardor
by Aimee and Angela

Scene from The Coldest December
by Aimee

Scene from The Search Is Over
by Stormlight

Scene from Walking On the Thin Line
by Antigone

Scene from Fire
by Lois Fogg

Scene from To Hell With Dignity
by Ziska Ames