As you know, this archive only contains the UsaMamo fanfics that I thought to be the best, but of course, I may leave out some other wonderful fanfics out there, so if you know any other fanfics that are GOOD enough to be posted here, you may recommend them to me with the authors' names, the titles of the fanfics and the links at which I can find the fics or you can fill out the form below. But I reserve the right to take the final judgment for the fanfics, so that means even if you recommend them to me, they won't necessarily to be posted here. Sorry about that, but I have to keep the quality of the archives. Here are some guidelines for those who want to make recommendation:

1. The fanfic has to be a romantic story between Usagi and Mamoru/Serena and Darien/Serenity and Endymion. (Since I am a hopeless romantic! ^_~)

2. As I said before, the fanfic must be GOOD. And a good fanfic must have a reasonable length, which means it has to be at least 100kb in total. Also the fanfic must possess at least one of the following: emotional struggles, inner thoughts, and some kind of twists. Without these, a fanfic can not be called a good fanfic.

3. The fanfic can be a mix of romance, action, suspense, ect., but ROMANCE has to be the main plot.

4. Sekkushiaru Romansu/Hentai/Lemon is accepted, but it can not be just plain sex, LOVE is a very important theme in a romantic story.

5. Though any timeline is accepted, personally I DO NOT prefer Silver Millenium. I don't know why, probably because I don't have a thing for princesses and princes. Sorry to those who like them! But I DO WELCOME your recommendation of them, maybe some of them are good, just like "A Love Like No Other" by Cyperian of Cyprus.

6. Though I accept self nomination, it is better if someone else nominates your fanfics.

Alright, that's all the requirements I can think of right now. Just remember, I welcome recommendations wholeheartedly. Arigatou, minna-chan! ^_~

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