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*Ratings are given according to my own judgment on a scale of 1-10

Head Games
by Cyperian of Cyprus

Unlike other break up fics, Head Games presented a very thorough apology from Darien, which explained his pain and dilemma very well. For those who only watched the anime version of Sailormoon and were disgusted by the way Darien show his affection toward Serena, you should definitely read this since Darien gave out his reason for not showing his affection for Serena publicly, and it is very understandable. Pay attention toward the end where Darien confessed his love for Serena, it is sooooooooo beautiful!
Rating: 8.5

A Love Like No Other
by Cyperian of Cyprus

A silver-millenium-like story. Darien had been living a lonely life until Serena came and brought light and love into his life. Without the knowledge that Darien was the Prince of the Earth, Serena still loved him the same which again verified the fact that Serena loved Darien for who he was. Again there is another beautiful confession from Darien.
Rating: 7.5
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Jail Bait
by Marsh Angel

Though Serena and Darien were known to be mortal enemies, with the matchmaking of Queen Serenity, they soon began to realize their undeniable love and attraction for each other. Here both Darien and Serena knew about each other's identity, very different from other traditional first season fanfics. It is a very wonderful and sweet piece of fanfic. The dry humor that Marsh Angel used made it more tasty. Look forward to the epilogue, I absolutely love it, it is soooooooo cute!
Rating: 8
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by Sexylyon

The MOTHER of all Sekkushiaru Romansu. As other first season fanfics, Interlude depicted Serena and Darien's realization of their love for each other, but Sexylyon's use of vocabulary, and her detail description of the characters' thoughts, emotions and their sensuality displayed the whole story vividely before our eyes. And plus Sexylyon effectively showed Darien's emotional torture when he had to choose between reality and his desire. I gave this fanfic a rating over 10 is because this fanfic is beyond good. You must be crazy if you don't read this!
Rating: 11
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Lady M. Harris also writes wonderful Sekkushiaru Romansu, her homepage is here